Blackout Roller Blinds

It is not easy to choose the right window treatments today, since there are so many different types and models available. The choices, costs and stores are so many, that it makes you want to buy the nearest thing just to get rid of it all. The feeling is there when you are looking for blinds, curtains or any other type of window treatments. What would help in choosing the right blinds would be some good information, right? Well, this is one place where you can get them.

I know it is difficult to think outside the box when it comes to buying something that will solve your problems. For example, you want to do something with your windows, but you are stuck with curtains and regular wood blinds. Is that the best you can get? Actually you can. Vinyl and vertical blinds you already tried. But what about blackout roller blinds?

blackout roller blinds
I do not want to say that roller shades are a new thing, but they are to most of us who never used them. We know that a vinyl roller shutters are here for a long time, but they are not really decorative. But the times have come to a different level of decor, and this means that new materials are now involved with some old products. You get contemporary look and this is what can make your rooms a whole lot better. This is where blackout roller blinds come into play. You can get one that is nearly see through but you can also get one that will completely block the sunlight.

The functionality is the main advantage here, besides the ability to block sunlight and noise from the outside. You get a chain driven clutch system that will help you maneuver your blinds. You are free to buy a motorized system, but be aware that it will cost you more. Well, I guess that a remote control sun blocking is worth the money.

The usual treatment is that you get cassette system that covers and conceals the roll inside. It looks classy and it has decorative look. When it comes to styles and colors, you can choose them by yourself because the options are numerous. For example, a Hunter Douglas light camel color blackout roller blinds are a good choice. You only have to choose the color that will match your outside walls so it fits well into decoration.

You can choose to mount roller shades inside the window too. It is a bit more convenient and is not so unattractive. Be careful about the measurements though, because it has to fit your windows well. Double check the measurements and do them on three spots instead just on ine place. It is possible that the width won't be the same at the top, middle and bottom.

I hope you got a bit closer to your final decision when it comes to blackout roller blinds. The choices are numerous but that is your advantage since you can make a fine decor. Matchstick and cellular blinds really add up to the atmosphere of your home, besides being practical and blocking the sunlight and outside noise.


shutters blog said...

That's true on the blackout rollers blinds. However, they are not all vinyl anymore which makes them much more diverse. It's true that some have the vinyl on the back facing the street but many now have a fabric type front with a variety of colors. Comfortex just came out with this neat roller shade that has the vinyl on the back but for the front, you can custom color and add patterns in over 800 different skews! The possibilities with roll (and roman) shades has entered a new era where there is no limitations on colors and blackout options.

Sheer shades said...

Always decide the appropriate type of shade by having an idea of the structure of the room.