Made to Measure Or Custom Blackout Blinds

Looking for appropriate window coverings for the non-standard sized windows is quite a task. Nevertheless, the charm associated with having old designs of windows in odd sizes can’t be denied. They surely add to the grace of your house. It’s not difficult to understand that most manufacturers produce blackout blinds by standard sizes - as they sell the most, thus making a better business proposition for the producers.

custom blackout blinds

A little planning can solve most problems that one comes across while designing or redecorating your home and getting blinds for windows of non-standard sizes is not so difficult a problem that can’t be taken care of the same way. The problem in its totality can be broken down to a few steps, which if taken logically will surely lead to successful procurement of window coverings for windows of any size or shape. So, here we go:

The most important, rather crucial measure for buying any window dressing is to ascertain the size of your window. You should understand that the size of the covering is not the same as the size of the window because of the extra length by which the covering hangs down the window. So, having measured the length and width of the window you need to add that margin by which you like the curtain to hang below the base of the window. The golden rule for correct measurement is to measure twice and cut once. Simply put, it means that you note down the measurements on a piece of paper and retake the sizes once again to see that the results tally. The length is measured between the uppermost and the bottommost points of the window whereas width is measured by measuring the distance between the two walls of the window, from left to right.

Once you are sure of having taken the accurate measurements and rechecked the same, you can order your blinds. Irrespective of your source of purchase, whether it is from a store or you prefer ordering online, you are going to need these dimensions, you so painstakingly measured. So, don’t leave them back home while ordering your stuff!


Cheap Blinds - If You Are On A Budget

Windows are necessarily required for any house, as in the absence of these there is no cross-ventilation of air and there is no natural light coming in and the house becomes like a match box. The house looks incomplete without windows. For this reason architects and designers give considerable thought for positioning of windows enabling sufficient light and air to enter the house and give it lively looks. While facilitating these gifts of nature, windows certainly affect the privacy of its occupiers and that necessitates provision of window coverings to maintain privacy. As windows form an important part of the room, house owners look for ways and means of making them presentable in a manner that compliments the decor of the room that houses them.

Window coverings are essentially needed for improving the level of privacy at home. At the same time they need to have some kind of mechanism that allows you to open or close them to adjust incoming light and for viewing the outside world from within your room. Apart from these primary functions expected to be performed by windows, we expect them to look good and compliment the overall scene of the room which houses them and thus add to its décor. And, the oft used accessories for the purpose include curtains and blinds. Usually, curtains and blinds are costly but if you are in a position to spare some time and effort you may have them at affordable prices.

If the budget is limited you may adopt some cost-cutting procedures to have them at reasonable prices. One way out is to make these on your own. It may appear something difficult and tiresome initially but to tell you the truth it’s neither so tricky nor difficult. However, you certainly should have some basic knowledge of handling a sewing machine. You get a big range of fabrics to choose from and make an interesting DIY project by opting for some easy to follow patterns that you could always search on the web. The best thing about this small project is that it allows you to have fabric of your choice that would jell with the rest of your interiors, which may not be possible should you decide to go for the readymade variety.

If you are looking to buy window blinds at the most competitive prices, you would better order them online. The variety available there on the net is just not possible to have in a store. Not only window blinds, most household items are available at lower prices if you shop on the Internet. That’s because of the simple reason that website stores have minimum expenses towards overhead. A physical store has many expenses by way of salaries, rent and power bills to say the least. At times it may so happen that the items you order on a store may be procured by it from some online store! So, the advantage of buying online is that it eliminates the margin of a middleman and hence the lower price that you pay.

By ordering window blinds online you get them a lot cheaper as there is no third party involved, it’s straight deal between the user and the seller and the variety you get to see online is simply amazing.

The one thing you must take care of while ordering cheap wood blinds online is the size that you need. That means you will be required to take accurate measurements of the area to be covered by the blinds. Here’s a very useful tip for you. If you are ordering blinds to be mounted on the outside of the room, you should measure the area to be covered, but if these are going to be mounted inside, you simply measure the window jambs. The supplier would want to know the height and width of the window to be covered so that the blinds fit your window perfectly well.

There is no cause of worry for the projection of the slats while ordering cheap mini blinds. The slats are fairly thin and on opening the blinds these will not hit against the window. In contrast, if you intend going in for cheap wood blinds with thick slats, you should take into account the projection of the mount to ensure that after you have mounted the blinds on the outside of the window, the slats should not hit against the glace on opening the blinds.

Buyer's Guide to Blinds And Shutters

Sales of blinds have gone up by an imposing 40 per cent during the last two years,' says Fiona Kelly, managing director of The Shutter Shop. 'People seem to be departing from curtains in favor of clean, modest lines of shutters.' Some companies dealing with blinds are providing A to Z services to capture customers' interest. They offer the services of a consultant who takes measurements before fitting the shutters for you. While others fabricate something that you may fit yourself. But, that calls for a complete toolkit that you are confident of handling.

There is a wide choice of options varying from MDF-based wood to costlier solid woods. Mark Carter, company director of Shutterly Fabulous points out: ' Depending on your budget, it's worthwhile to invest in shutters as they really are furniture for your windows.'

Deriving their name from the expansive 19th-century mansions in America's deep south, the most adaptable are plantation-style shutters. These are louvers that open and close to adjust heat and light from the sun. They offer ventilation and privacy whenever required and are available in striking selection of colors and materials.


Shutterly Fabulous, Shaftesbury Shutters and The New England Shutter Company would all color match or stain shutters to shades of paints from any of the paint companies like Farrow & Ball, Dulux etc. Further, they may be treated with a UV sealant to dispense with the touch-ups. The New England Shutter Company deals with hand-stitched faux leather, suede and fabric finishes in a massive range of shades and textures.

Another feature is that you can decide the width of your louvers to suit your specific requirements. 'Bigger louvers permit more light when the shutter is open,' says Harriet Shackleton, sales manager at The New England Shutter Company, 'so you should keep that in mind while taking decision.

Traditionally the system of opening or closing of the louvers has been with the aid of a rod on the outside of the shutter. But many companies have innovated to offer designs with hidden mechanisms or even remote-controlled shutters thus giving the mechanism a modern look and making it convenient to approach those hard-to-reach windows.

Historically speaking, solid shutters were first put to use in pre-Edwardian houses and were hardly used a couple of times a year as the owners absconded for the season.
They weren't meant for a day-to-day operation of closing or opening, like we do and that's the reason that we are left with very few as of date.


Instead of traditional wood, they are now available in quite a few materials. You could opt for Parma Lilac for an acrylic version or Draks for Japanese-style canto shutters with hardwood frames and a bespoke central panel of non-reflective acrylic. You may even ask for it on your choice of a particular fabric.

Wouldn't it be amazing to have antique shutters! Try salvage companies like Lassco. 'It's possible to cut them down but ensure proportions,' says Francis Lee, design consultant at Lassco. Else, you may add an extra leaf to fit them, but take accurate measurements and find a pair to fit as perfect as possible.

Types of Blinds

Café-style shutters are used to drape only the lower half of the window and are therefore more economical (as they cover only half the window). They are perfect when you are living at street level because while they maintain your privacy, you nay still have some sunlight. But you can't achieve a total blackout of the room.

Tier-on-tier or double-hung blinds are the most flexible shutters you can go for. Here two sets are hung one above the other but each works independent of the other. This offers great flexibility of operation. You may open the top part and leave the bottom one closed or vice versa. Even both maybe closed or left open. The only shortcoming is that they don't jell with certain designs of windows.

Taller windows are best done with Full-height shutters. They are usually provided with a dividing rail either halfway up, or at a natural break in the window (i.e. at the level of the sash). It imparts sturdiness to taller shutters while enabling the louvers in the top and bottom half to be adjusted independently, thus enabling you to open the top set for getting light but keep the bottom set closed for privacy.

Solid shutters provide a neat look and come with a range of central panels such as raised, molded and Shaker styles. Solid-based shutters are derived by a combination of louver panel at the top with a solid panel at the bottom.

Roller Blinds - From Sheer To Blackout

When you take a look at the number of choices you have when it comes to window treatments, you really get overwhelmed. The materials, prices and vendors are all mixed in a huge pile that you have to dig in and find the right choice for you. It's not easy to get to a decision under those circumstances, but with some good tips on blinds, you will get there.

There are many people who can't think of some unusual choice for their new blinds or shutters. When it is the time to upgrade to something new, most people think of vertical blinds or mini blinds. But that is what they have done before and will do again. It's not such a pleasant thing to be aware of, when you look at it. You kinda wish there is something more to it. And there is.

roller blinds

Roller blinds may not be the newest craze in the world, since the vinyl roller blinds are with us for quite a while. And lets face it, these shades are not really decorative. But the times have changed and we are making progress. The roller shades are made out of new materials, opacity and colors. You can have a clean and contemporary look to decorate your home with. And you can choose to have functionality - picking the see-through shades or getting a blackout blinds for your room. For those people who like to take naps in the afternoon or are light sleeper, this is absolutely fantastic window treatment option.

You can get a simple clean look that offers maximum functionality. You will get a chain driven system that will help you use the blinds. It's easy to use it and you can set them at any level you desire. If you want to go overboard, you can get a motorized system that will do it all for you. It's a remote control you will have to touch this way, and chain will be a matter of history.

One more interesting option is a cassette system that covers the roll and conceals it properly. This way the entire window will look more attractive.

When it comes to manufacturers that are offering this, there are really plenty of them. I do not want to recommend any brands, because it is best for you to find what suits your taste. I love Hunter Douglas shade that comes in a grey color, since it matches my wall. I mounted them inside the window and I recommend you do the same. It's much cleaner and more decorative option. Just make sure you get the measurements right before you make an order or go to the store near you.


Blackout Roller Blinds

It is not easy to choose the right window treatments today, since there are so many different types and models available. The choices, costs and stores are so many, that it makes you want to buy the nearest thing just to get rid of it all. The feeling is there when you are looking for blinds, curtains or any other type of window treatments. What would help in choosing the right blinds would be some good information, right? Well, this is one place where you can get them.

I know it is difficult to think outside the box when it comes to buying something that will solve your problems. For example, you want to do something with your windows, but you are stuck with curtains and regular wood blinds. Is that the best you can get? Actually you can. Vinyl and vertical blinds you already tried. But what about blackout roller blinds?

blackout roller blinds
I do not want to say that roller shades are a new thing, but they are to most of us who never used them. We know that a vinyl roller shutters are here for a long time, but they are not really decorative. But the times have come to a different level of decor, and this means that new materials are now involved with some old products. You get contemporary look and this is what can make your rooms a whole lot better. This is where blackout roller blinds come into play. You can get one that is nearly see through but you can also get one that will completely block the sunlight.

The functionality is the main advantage here, besides the ability to block sunlight and noise from the outside. You get a chain driven clutch system that will help you maneuver your blinds. You are free to buy a motorized system, but be aware that it will cost you more. Well, I guess that a remote control sun blocking is worth the money.

The usual treatment is that you get cassette system that covers and conceals the roll inside. It looks classy and it has decorative look. When it comes to styles and colors, you can choose them by yourself because the options are numerous. For example, a Hunter Douglas light camel color blackout roller blinds are a good choice. You only have to choose the color that will match your outside walls so it fits well into decoration.

You can choose to mount roller shades inside the window too. It is a bit more convenient and is not so unattractive. Be careful about the measurements though, because it has to fit your windows well. Double check the measurements and do them on three spots instead just on ine place. It is possible that the width won't be the same at the top, middle and bottom.

I hope you got a bit closer to your final decision when it comes to blackout roller blinds. The choices are numerous but that is your advantage since you can make a fine decor. Matchstick and cellular blinds really add up to the atmosphere of your home, besides being practical and blocking the sunlight and outside noise.