Made to Measure Or Custom Blackout Blinds

Looking for appropriate window coverings for the non-standard sized windows is quite a task. Nevertheless, the charm associated with having old designs of windows in odd sizes can’t be denied. They surely add to the grace of your house. It’s not difficult to understand that most manufacturers produce blackout blinds by standard sizes - as they sell the most, thus making a better business proposition for the producers.

custom blackout blinds

A little planning can solve most problems that one comes across while designing or redecorating your home and getting blinds for windows of non-standard sizes is not so difficult a problem that can’t be taken care of the same way. The problem in its totality can be broken down to a few steps, which if taken logically will surely lead to successful procurement of window coverings for windows of any size or shape. So, here we go:

The most important, rather crucial measure for buying any window dressing is to ascertain the size of your window. You should understand that the size of the covering is not the same as the size of the window because of the extra length by which the covering hangs down the window. So, having measured the length and width of the window you need to add that margin by which you like the curtain to hang below the base of the window. The golden rule for correct measurement is to measure twice and cut once. Simply put, it means that you note down the measurements on a piece of paper and retake the sizes once again to see that the results tally. The length is measured between the uppermost and the bottommost points of the window whereas width is measured by measuring the distance between the two walls of the window, from left to right.

Once you are sure of having taken the accurate measurements and rechecked the same, you can order your blinds. Irrespective of your source of purchase, whether it is from a store or you prefer ordering online, you are going to need these dimensions, you so painstakingly measured. So, don’t leave them back home while ordering your stuff!


Cheap Blinds - If You Are On A Budget

Windows are necessarily required for any house, as in the absence of these there is no cross-ventilation of air and there is no natural light coming in and the house becomes like a match box. The house looks incomplete without windows. For this reason architects and designers give considerable thought for positioning of windows enabling sufficient light and air to enter the house and give it lively looks. While facilitating these gifts of nature, windows certainly affect the privacy of its occupiers and that necessitates provision of window coverings to maintain privacy. As windows form an important part of the room, house owners look for ways and means of making them presentable in a manner that compliments the decor of the room that houses them.

Window coverings are essentially needed for improving the level of privacy at home. At the same time they need to have some kind of mechanism that allows you to open or close them to adjust incoming light and for viewing the outside world from within your room. Apart from these primary functions expected to be performed by windows, we expect them to look good and compliment the overall scene of the room which houses them and thus add to its d├ęcor. And, the oft used accessories for the purpose include curtains and blinds. Usually, curtains and blinds are costly but if you are in a position to spare some time and effort you may have them at affordable prices.

If the budget is limited you may adopt some cost-cutting procedures to have them at reasonable prices. One way out is to make these on your own. It may appear something difficult and tiresome initially but to tell you the truth it’s neither so tricky nor difficult. However, you certainly should have some basic knowledge of handling a sewing machine. You get a big range of fabrics to choose from and make an interesting DIY project by opting for some easy to follow patterns that you could always search on the web. The best thing about this small project is that it allows you to have fabric of your choice that would jell with the rest of your interiors, which may not be possible should you decide to go for the readymade variety.

If you are looking to buy window blinds at the most competitive prices, you would better order them online. The variety available there on the net is just not possible to have in a store. Not only window blinds, most household items are available at lower prices if you shop on the Internet. That’s because of the simple reason that website stores have minimum expenses towards overhead. A physical store has many expenses by way of salaries, rent and power bills to say the least. At times it may so happen that the items you order on a store may be procured by it from some online store! So, the advantage of buying online is that it eliminates the margin of a middleman and hence the lower price that you pay.

By ordering window blinds online you get them a lot cheaper as there is no third party involved, it’s straight deal between the user and the seller and the variety you get to see online is simply amazing.

The one thing you must take care of while ordering cheap wood blinds online is the size that you need. That means you will be required to take accurate measurements of the area to be covered by the blinds. Here’s a very useful tip for you. If you are ordering blinds to be mounted on the outside of the room, you should measure the area to be covered, but if these are going to be mounted inside, you simply measure the window jambs. The supplier would want to know the height and width of the window to be covered so that the blinds fit your window perfectly well.

There is no cause of worry for the projection of the slats while ordering cheap mini blinds. The slats are fairly thin and on opening the blinds these will not hit against the window. In contrast, if you intend going in for cheap wood blinds with thick slats, you should take into account the projection of the mount to ensure that after you have mounted the blinds on the outside of the window, the slats should not hit against the glace on opening the blinds.